Establishing a Clear Space for Home Meditation

When you think of establishing a space for meditation, do you immediately think of all the props, tools, and accessories you'd need for it to "work"? Oftentimes it appears to be more about the look of the space rather than the feel of it. Well, if the aim is to have that picture perfect, instagram worthy space, I get it. People like aesthetics and it makes your feed stand out. Despite that, the fact is that your personal space does not need to be as lavish, for it to be comfortable. It does not absolutely require a ton of pillows, candles, incense, crystals, and plants. While these tools and props can be helpful, believe it or not, some of these things can actually work against you.

For example, oils and scents that may be helpful to some may actually be distracting for others. Scents can cause stuffiness, watery eyes, and labored breathing for those who might suffer from allergies or respiratory issues. It would be much better for such a person to either go for lighter scents or none at all. The point is that while some tools can be useful or comforting for some, it is not mandated that everyone uses them in their personal space.

Establishing space for meditation comes down to one thing really. Comfort! Where do I feel the most comfortable in my home? What area makes me feel the most at ease and allows me to be still for a moment? Or if you don’t have that space currently in your home then the question, instead, is how. How do I create a space that is welcoming, soothing, and conducive to the calming of the mind. Even the time of day can factor in here. Do you prefer meeting the sun in the early hours for a refreshing start to your day? Or would you rather relax into the sunset or moonlight in the evening hours? Do you prefer small and cozy or open & spacious? A cool or warm atmosphere? Props or no props? Whichever you prefer remember what truly matters is that it suits your individual meditative needs.

Sometimes simple is best. No matter how many tools and accessories you may have, be sure that there's room left in the space for you to:

  • Be Present

  • Be Open

  • Be Still

Aim for establishing a space that allows you to simply breathe and just be!!

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