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Chicken Dinner Idea
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Vegan Tofu Wrap
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Pescatarian Meal Idea
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Chicken Dinner Idea
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Vegan Tofu Wrap
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Pescatarian Meal Idea
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Co-written by Dale Payne, Meagan Francis

Apart from being your new favorite coach and number one source for all things fitness-related, Dale Payne is a certified personal trainer and GBO bodybuilding competitive athlete. He is known for challenging clients to go above and beyond while also providing client-specific needs.

He directs his clients towards ways to start a better lifestyle and fitness journey, and now he has dropped by LUCID to offer up some of his golden gems.

He's come to challenge you as well. Thanks to our friend Dale, we have compiled a list of realistic, Healthier-ish, and still tasty options for those who have a more challenging time making the big switch. 


Avoid sugary drinks and fruit juice.

Try tea instead. Tea can be sweet and refreshingly cool or warm and comforting. Either way, it is great for ridding toxins in the body and the waistline. 

*Sugar substitutions: splendor, honey, or agave


Drink More Water 

Don't aim to drink a gallon a day. Just Aim to drink more of it.


Add Veggies or NOT

Realistically speaking, you won't always want a fruit or vegetable. You won't always be in the mood for nature's goodness, and that's ok. Not only so, but it is also completely understandable. So what do you do instead? Add snacks. People typically use snacks to compensate for hunger, but that doesn't have to be wrong. Snacks are the bridge between hunger and your next meal. Some snacks to consider are granola, dark chocolate, cereal, nuts and seeds, peanut butter and jelly, popcorn, smoothies, and graham crackers. Explore what you like, then make healthier decisions based on that.


Enjoy your meal

Eat slowly, be mindful of what is going in your body and enjoy your meal. Eating too fast can lead to weight gain over time, while eating more slowly can make you feel full and boosts weight-reducing hormones.


Get good quality sleep

Sleep is essential. 


Chew gum

Chewing gum in between meals helps reduce hunger, which can help halt overeating. 


Walk it Out 

Walking is an excellent and easy way to burn calories & reduce stress. It is also easy enough to help transition to moving your body more. Try 30 minutes a day


Make it Tasty

One big misconception when making healthier choices is believing that healthy food means bland food. You can make your food tastier by adding spices, herbs, and seasonings. You can even use salt. Pink Himalayan salt has minerals and electrolytes that we need. If you make your food enjoyable, you're more likely to stick to the plan and not veer off. 


Set realistic Goals

Only you know you. Don't try to do everything at once. The lifestyle change will happen over time. Make small changes to get significant results in your life. For example, if you absolutely must have fast food, try out the healthier options for a change. Replace a burger with a salad or grilled chicken sandwich. Or get a soup or fruit bowl on the side instead of fries. 


Grab A Friend

Having a friend or family member with the same health and wellness goals can help you stay motivated while having fun at the same time.



Meal Prep

Why? Because you are in control here. Prepping saves time and money. Try replacing one meal a day with a meal you've prepared for the week. Replace your no-contact delivery order with a quick meal idea listed below.



If dinner is usually served in a nicely wrapped brown paper bag or square-shaped box at the doorstep, then these simple dinner meal plans are for you.


Carnivore (Meat Included)

Chicken breast


Brown rice 


Vegan style Crispy Tofu

Coleslaw or mixed veggies


Spinach wrap tortilla 

Sauce of your choice if desire(bbq, ranch, hummus, etc.)  




Red potatoes



Transitions aren't typically easy or welcomed. The more significant the change, the more difficult it may be to make it. Typically, diets tell you to replace one meal a day with a shake, juice, or salad. Why? Because extreme overhauling changes aren't easy to make. It's the same when making healthier eating choices and lifestyle changes. Start simple. Start small. Your credit card and body will thank you!

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