Tips on keeping your plants from drooping as temperatures are dropping

Plants are blooming everywhere, and as the seasons change, we ought to keep them blossoming by knowing how to treat them during seasonal transitions. As the temperature drops, our plants can become vulnerable to the elements if not cared for properly. Just as we care for our spring and summer gardens and plants, we also must tend to their needs as cooler temperatures arrive. Here are a few tips from Horticulturist and Texas Nursery and Landscape Association member, Memvis Hale, to keep your plants safe during these cool fall temps.

1. Question: Is it safe to bring outdoor plants inside when temperatures drop?

It is safe to bring in plants inside, significantly when the temperatures drop below 45 degrees when Fall approaches. If you have tropical plants, they will become damaged at temperatures below 40 degrees so keep an eye out for your plants and the temperatures as the season changes.

2. Question: What about coverings? In what way do they help plants? 

Covering plants will help keep the plant alive during the cold Fall and Winter seasons. But first, you would have to place some stakes around your plant and cover your plant(s). The stakes will keep the coverings from weighing down and potentially breaking the stem and branches of the plant.

3. Question: What advice can you give to new plant owners who may be thinking about bringing home a plant or starting a garden during the fall season? 

For those who want to start a fall garden, do so. The time is now to start sowing for the Fall and winter. Starting a new garden may be overwhelming to newbies, but take a breather and remember you don't have to have a grand garden to start. Have a budget, a plan, and have fun because it's supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable.

4. Question: What, if any, are some plants that'll be fine to have outdoors in cooler temperatures?

Some plants are ok to have outside, but you have to know what zone you live in and the type of native plants that thrive in your area. Here are some examples:


Lily of the Valley

Blue Spruce




Also, remember if you need help, you can contact your local Agriculture Extension Agent for additional assistance.

5. Question: Any other advice you could give on protecting outdoor plants during the Fall season?

Anyone looking to find more tips on caring for plants during cool weather can search their local weather channels, local agriculture extension agency, and your local nurseries. 


Memvis Hale II, B.S. Agriculture and Human Sciences, Horticulturist, Agricultural Advocate,  
Texas Nursery and Landscape Association member