Question 1: What is Barre?

Keeping things as brief and basic as possible, Barre is a series of movements that target specific muscles and muscle groups to sculpt, shape, and tone the body. 

Question 2: Do I need to know how to dance to attend a class? No, you do not. While Barre was essentially born from the world of dance, Ballet to be specific, for the most part, only the terms and bar itself seem to have been adopted for use in a barre class. The bar itself is a prop used to help individuals keep balance when performing exercises. The only similarity it carries with Ballet is that it uses a bar for specific warm-ups as well. However, you absolutely do not need a background in Ballet or dance period, to attend classes. Although, a little rhythm couldn't hurt. 

 More don'ts you shouldn't concern yourself with? 

You don't need to be a specific size or shape. 

Who can benefit from a barre class? Anyone and everyone! Anyone can participate in a class and reap the benefits of doing so. Not only do you not need experience in dance, but you also don't need the 'perfect body type. Height, weight, and size don't matter here—just a can-do attitude. 

You don't need a studio.

I mean not necessarily. Many barre workouts are done using your body weight, so you don't have to worry about commuting to a studio when you're not feeling up to a drive. You could pull out your phone or laptop and attend an online class. So whether you want to shape your butt, tone your arms, or sculpt your abs, there's an online class for that. Meaning, you could do them all at home! What's even better is that you could likely work on all these things during ONE class session. Since Barre is a total body workout experience, you won't have to aim for just one body part at a time unless you want to, of course! 

You don't need to own a ballet barre. 

One great reason to give Barre a try is that you don't necessarily need to own a barre to do the exercises despite its name. Since a lot of it is bodyweight, all you need is something to help you keep balance. That could easily be a chair or a wall. Grab something, and get going!

You don't have to be so serious. 

Ballet is an exquisite form of art that millions of people enjoy. However, it is a career that is not to be taken lightly. Everything from leaps to foot placement and extensions are closely watched and corrected. Technique is everything, and mistakes are frowned upon. Now in terms of Barre, you have the freedom to make mistakes without that sort of pressure. With Barre, things such as alignment and posture are essential, but it isn't everything. EveryBODY is different. One person's body will align differently from someone else's. There aren't expectations of having everyone look the same. It's more so about the experience mixing fun with fitness than it is about aiming for perfection. That being said, that is precisely what makes Barre so enjoyable. You come for the workouts but stay for the vibes. Fun playlists and energetic environments give a barre class that exciting feeling you get when you're there. Try a class today. You won't be disappointed.