Ballet Barre Positions
1st position
Second Position
5TH Position


Take these barre positions with you to your next class

1st position. Feet: The heels of feet are together, and toes are pointed outwards in opposite directions. (turned out)

Arms: Create an ‘O’ with your arms in front of you. Imagine holding a big round beach ball.

2nd position. Feet: Toes point outwards in opposite directions. Heels do not touch and are spread apart slightly past shoulder width. 

Arms: Arms are spread wide apart and are in line with shoulders. Imagine making a 

“T” using the arms.

5th position. Feet: The heel of one foot touches the big toe of the other. If there is more flexibility in the hips, the other foot will also connect with the small toe of the leading foot or front foot. 

Arms: Make another “O” with the arms similar to the first position. This time instead, bring rounded arms overhead. 

To Be Noted: The most commonly used ballet barre positions are one, two, and five. However, positions three and four are listed for your reading pleasures. 

3rd position. Feet: The heel of the front foot is touching the arch of the other.

Arms: One arm remains open and stretched, similar to position two, while the other rounds forward in front of the torso. 

4th position. Feet: The feet are slightly spaced. The front foot’s heel is aligned with the big toe of the back foot. 

Arms: The same rounded arm from the third position is brought overhead, while the stretched arm remains in the same place.